About 5 for Life

Whatever your health goals are – reducing weight, getting fitter or just improving your diet quality – it’s easy to get bombarded with conflicting information. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. There’s no need to get bogged down in the small details.

5 for Life focuses on the things that make the biggest difference long term, for every body, for life. No fads, no judgement, no deprivation – just an effective, evidence-based approach to healthy weight, that will change the way you think about food and eating.

Easy to put into practice, with practical tips and support, 5 for Life helps build the habits that support your weight goals:

  1. Do it for love – treasure your body
  2. Eat at the right time
  3. Eat the right kind of food
  4. Drink the right fluids, and
  5. Eat the right way.

This website briefly outlines some of the ideas contained in the book 5 for life: Healthy ways for healthy weight. It includes more resources to support 5 for Lifers, including bits there weren’t room for in the book. There’s also a blog with short articles on topics relating to healthy eating habits.

If you’re not yet a Lifer, I hope you enjoy browsing what’s here, and if you’d like more, purchase the book through the button on the landing page.

Our Mission

To help people reach and maintain a happy, healthy body weight through making simple lifestyle changes that will stick.

To provide an uncomplicated, evidence-based, set of resources to support long-term changes to the way people think about food and eating.

For every body… for life.

Our Values


Kind and compassionate. It starts with honouring our own selves and our own bodies, building small changes into our everyday life, at our own pace.


Pragmatic and realistic. Acknowledging real life, Five for Life is an uncomplicated approach to reducing weight.


Encouraging and supportive. You don’t have to do everything ‘right’ all the time! 5 for Life is a catastrophe-free zone.

About Megan Dyson

I’ve had a 25-year fascination with nutrition, coupled with a passion for everyone to live comfortably in their own bodies. This long-term interest finally switched to ‘serious mode’ when my husband was diagnosed with late-onset type 1 diabetes. Deciding to take the next step and turn my fascination into something more formal, I completed studies to become a nutritionist.

Turned out my career in environmental law was the perfect background: it’s dense in facts, science and analysis, and I love sifting through research to really get to the bottom of things. And there’s a fair bit to sift through in the ‘good for you and your body’ space!

While there’s a constant stream of new research in nutrition and healthy eating, there’s also a pretty solid core of agreement on what matters most. It’s this core that forms the basis of the Five for Life principles: habits that support the essential elements of healthy eating.

On a personal level – I don’t work out, never go to the gym, and usually don’t manage 10,000 steps a day either. The fact I live at my happy weight without dieting isn’t a matter of ‘lucky genes’, and it’s certainly not exercise. It boils down to the why, what, when and how of eating. Very little processed food, lots of raw nuts and plenty of vegetables, along with copious amounts of plain water. Quite a lot of protein – more than most women I know – and no sweetened drinks or artificial sweeteners. Cake sometimes; a bit of dark chocolate a few times a week. The family eats out now and then, but when we’re home, I cook from scratch – nothing gourmet, just good, quick food. I always have breakfast (and lunch, dinner and snacks) and don’t eat late.

I hope you enjoy browsing through what’s here, and if you’d like more, purchase the book 5 for Life: Healthy ways for healthy weight here.

Here’s to being contented and comfortable in our own bodies!

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