The 5 for Life Promise

Reduce body fat safely and keep it off permanently, and retain muscle mass, without feeling hungry or deprived.

  1. Do it for love: treasure your body
  • Look after your precious body – care for it and nurture it. Understand why you want to change your weight, and what stands in your way. Check motivations: keep your eye on the ‘why’.
  • Commit to practising some healthy eating habits every day.
  • Stay physically active – for joy and general health. But know that reducing body fat is mostly about changing the way you eat.
  • Manage stress and get enough sleep.
  1. Eat at the right time
  • Identify the reasons why, apart from hunger, you eat. Recognise and challenge them.
  • Eat in sync with your circadian rhythm (internal body clock). This means eat early: have breakfast every day, and finish eating at least 3 – 4 hours before going to bed.
  • Eat a small meal regularly (every 2 – 3 hours).
  • Eat most of your energy before 3 pm and minimise your last meal of the day.
  1. Eat the right food
  • Eat a lot more vegetables, especially green vegetables. Reduce starchy vegetables such as potatoes and sweet corn.
  • Eat more protein, including vegetarian protein, and good quality fats from natural sources such as nuts and seeds, and cold-pressed oils.
  • Eat less:
    • High-carb, high-starch food including potatoes, rice, bread, pasta and noodles
    • Processed fats in processed food and deep-fried food; refined vegetable oils.
  • Avoid or eat rarely:
    • Sugar, including sweetened drinks, fruit juice, lollies and sweets
    • Highly processed food such as most processed meats and many pre-made meals, food made with refined flour, and processed cereals
    • The ‘danger zone’ – starchy carbs prepared with fat and sugar (e.g. cake, chocolate, pastries and desserts) or fat and salt (e.g. pizza, chips and crisps).
  1. Drink the right fluids
  • Drink more water – aim for at least 3 litres every day.
  • Drink less caffeine, alcohol and fruit juice (including no added sugar juice).
  • Avoid sweetened drinks (natural or artificial).
  1. Eat the right way
  • Savour food, it’s a gift. Consider its origins and acknowledge its significance in your life.
  • Pay attention. Mindful eating helps us enjoy food more and prevents overeating.
  • Chew slowly and thoroughly, make each meal last.
  • Keep a food journal now and then, to better understand what you eat, when, why and how.