5 for Life: Healthy ways for healthy weight

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5 for Life: Healthy ways for healthy weight lays out a simple, evidence-based approach to reducing body fat, built around a set of healthy eating habits that anyone can adapt to their own life, for life.

In direct language with easy-to-follow tips, Five for Life explains the habits we need to nurture. From what to eat, to why, when and how, it also explains the role of sleep, stress, and our gut, metabolism and micronutrients. I hope this unique approach helps you begin to think differently about food and eating, and ultimately to become comfortable and confident in your own body.

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If you want to shed weight but you’re discouraged by conflicting advice, triggered by diet culture, or you feel you’re eating the ‘right’ things but not seeing a difference in your weight, this book is for you. Five for Life is a comprehensive and unique guide to eating habits that support life-long healthy weight. Compassionate, realistic and grounded in evidence, this book is packed with practical tips for forming new habits and breaking old ones.

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Publisher : Maireana Press Publication date: 20 June 2022

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4 reviews for 5 for Life: Healthy ways for healthy weight

  1. Lucy Rowe

    ‘Five for Life has taught me the importance of loving and looking after your body in a healthy manner. It really is easy, and the benefits are amazing.’

  2. Peter Hoey

    The well-researched information, aimed at assisting people to gently and gradually alter eating habits to attain healthy goals, is presented in an easily navigable structure. By all means read the introductory bits, but use the contents page to go to where you want to go. Before you know it you’ll be adopting some or all of the five habits, resulting in small but important changes in what you eat and how you eat it – and much more.’

  3. Annette Davison

    ‘All my life I have found it difficult to put on weight, that is, until I hit menopause. Suddenly, I thought someone had just baked me a muffin and slapped it right around my middle! But nothing I did seemed to have any effect – until I started implementing Megan Dyson’s Five for Life program. Through changing my habits and applying the five principles, I started to see my weight return to a more comfortable state. I won’t lie, nothing is an easy fix when it comes to weight management and general health and wellbeing, I have still needed to put in effort. What the Five for Life program did though is provide an evidence-based framework that is helping me achieve and maintain my own health and wellbeing goals. I highly recommend the Five for Life approach to anyone who wants to improve their relationship, with their body and their weight.’

  4. Sandy

    I picked up this book from an artshop on a visit to South Australia and its been a revelation. I’ve never been a diet person, and have generally sought to eat whole foods but with peri-menopause, age and some less than ideal eating habits my energy was waning and body shape changing. I realised that I needed to pay more attention to my food choices and habits. I really, really was helped by the evidence based approach Megan takes in ‘5 for life’. Understanding why a particular food type or habit is beneficial and how our bodies respond has given me the extra info I needed to begin making small changes that are improving my energy levels and overall wellbeing. I feel newly educated about what is healthful eating and that is an excellent foundation for change. Megan, thanks for writing this book.

    • Megan Dyson

      Thank you so much for your review Sandy! Thrilled to bits that it’s been a practical help. You might also be interested in the free newsletter – 2-3 weekly, no spam; I keep them light-hearted but topical. Best wishes, Megan.

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